• Hannah likes being able to pass it on

    Hannah writes, “I love that I can fit volunteering into my busy life, and also benefit from other people’s skills.” She says, ”Timebanking is a great way to give what little spare time I have to help others, and it makes me feel part of the community. . . .

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  • We can always learn something new.

    Loretta writes, “I house-sat for a woman who was a certified yoga instructor, and I spent my first Time Credits getting yoga lessons from her. It was a disaster at first . . .

    So, What is timebanking?
  • Isn't it nice to get some help?

    Jason writes, "Painting my basement was on my to-do list for longer than I care to admit. But after I joined the timebank, I asked for help …

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  • Let's get ready to come together.

    In a Timebank, members are linked in a meaningful way: There’s Sally . . .

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  • Thank You Bob!

    We give thanksgiving for Bob Jones for all the ways he has served and supported the Eastside Timebank.

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What's Happening 

A Letter from Board President, Bob Jones:

A fond farewell

I am going to be leaving the Seattle area for at least 6 months and maybe longer. One of the sad things about leaving is not being able to continue participating in the Eastside Timebank.

 I am a strong believer in the potential of timebanks and hope that the Bank can grow and become a more meaningful part of people's lives.

For me I am grateful for the time from Greta Cline for tutoring my son with great patience and helping him get through High School. I also greatly appreciate Beverly Chabot fixing meals and freezing them so that I had healthy food to eat when getting done with my baseball games and practices. I also got great support for my health from those who walked with me.That help was great, but developing a relationship with them is even better. There is so much more that can be done. Possibilities are only limited by our imaginations.

I was at a meeting of seniors who live in the community and one mentioned so many live in apartments with nothing to do or contribute. My question is how do we get them involved?

Currently Margaret Schwender is working with an assisted living program to find companionship for residents, people to play games or provide entertainment. The Assisted Living Program helps community organizations by making gifts, putting together packages for schools and daycares and supporting community fundraisers. They are providing a great service and the recognition is important to them. I hope timebank members will help in Margaret's efforts and find ways to become involved with residents who too often feel isolated and lonely.

The potluck this Thursday will be my final one and I hope everyone can attend. Regardless of what comes for me, the timebank has been a meaningful part of my family's life, especially for the people that I have met.  Bob

Social Entrepreneurship and Timebanking:  Watch the interview by Forbes Magazine with Edgar Cahn, founder of timebanking: 


 Thank you TimeBanks USA

We’ve [Timebanks USA] just received the awaited matching funds from GlobalGiving AND........we get to give it back to 4 fantastic timebanks: Eastside Timebank in Washington, Onion River Exchange in Vermont, TimeBank Media in Pennsylvania, and St Pete Time Bank Page in Florida!

Just another way of celebrating our awesome timebank community! Thank you very much for your steadfast support. It is our shared vision and collective action that creates the kind of world that values EVERY human.

Thank you Eastside Community Aid Thrift Store for the recent grant for member scholarships and to build leadership within the timebank.  We so appreciate your continued support of the Eastside Timebank!  

Eastside Community Aid Thrift Store needs volunteers to help operate the store. To volunteer go to: http://ecathriftshop.org/index.html

Take a moment to watch the video of the presentaiton of timebanking in the USA founder, Dr. Edgar Cahn, while visting Kirkland.  He is inspirational!  You can view his talk at: https://vimeo.com/141719395.  Thanks to Mark Jaroslaw for taping this video!

 Members can save $1,400 in one day by joining the Eastside Timebank!  It is possible, as reported recently on ABC News regarding a timebank in Louisville, KY, where members saved $1,400 in one day through timebanking.  To see the ABC News report go to:  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/headlines/2014/saving-money-helping-others-with-timebanking/

About the Eastside Timebank

The Eastside Timebank of King County, based in the communities of the eastside, is like an old-time community where neighbors help neighbors, connecting through high-tech tools. Our timebank is based on the idea that each of us has unique gifts, talents, and resources to share, and we all have needs that others can fill.

Every hour of service that a timebank member provides to someone in the community earns one hour of credit, which can be exchanged for an hour of service from another member. All services are valued equally. An online database makes it easy to see what skills and services your neighbors have to offer, and what services they need, so you can match your skills and needs with others in the community.

Examples of Skills and Services Currently Offered by Our Members

Sailing lessons, jewelry repair, massage, job coaching, computer help, budgeting, needlecraft lessons, cooking, and a lot more...

What Our Members Are Saying

"I have received a great deal of value in my first receipt of a service...I am so happy to be part of this experience!!"

"My wife and I had a member come by and give us some great pointers on how to better train our dog. I was able to help another member...with some windows that needed washing. It was a win-win for all of us."